Successful Travel with a Pet Requires Advance Planning and Preparation

by Sleepypod

Our pets are our companions at home and more often than not, away from home. A successful excursion away from home with a pet requires advanced planning and preparation in order to make the trip a tail-wagging success. Assemble a “pet travel kit” for your pet once and then all you need to do before each trip is add new food, water, litter items, medications, and items specific to the trip.


Everyday Necessities

  • Drinking water
  • Food
  • Travel bowls
  • Manual can opener for canned food
  • Medications
  • Litter pan with scoop and bags for cats or poop bags for dogs
  • Harness or sturdy, comfortable pet carrier (don’t forget the pee pads for your carrier in case your pet has an accident) to ensure safe, escape-free transport
  • Leash for cats or dogs


  • Collar
  • Up-to-date identification tag with home information
  • Up-to-date registration tag
  • Up-to-date rabies tag
  • Vacation tag that has information on where you can be reached while away from home

In Case of Emergency

  • Up-to-date health documents
  • Feeding schedules
  • Medical conditions
  • Special needs information
  • Veterinarian contact information at home
  • Veterinarian contact information at your destination away from home
  • Current photo of your pet and you (in case your pet should get lost, also to prove guardianship)


  • First aid kit
  • Pet first aid book
  • Lifejacket when traveling on a boat

Creature Comforts


Sleepypod, based in Pasadena, Calif., is a pet products company recognized for redefining pet products. Sleepypod’s vision is to create innovative, well designed, and functional products to complement modern, on-the-go lifestyles. 

Bold and functional, Sleepypod products are clever enough to have won a slew of awards and stacks of praise from veterinarians, pet industry experts and media, even earning a spot in the Metropolitan Home “Design 100” alongside iconic products like the iPhone and the Smartcar. Thoughtful design features transform ordinary pet products from insipid to inspired.



2 Responses to Pet Travel Packing List

  1. Nick Smith says:

    That’s a pretty big list!

    When taking my pet traveling in a cage, is it a good idea to put some toys/food in the cage with them?

    • sleepypod says:

      Hi Nick,

      Generally speaking, you want to feed your pet in advance of a trip. Always check with your vet in advance of your trip if you have questions. Travel can cause anxiety for some pets so a toy can provide comfort as well as amusement when confined to a small space. We’ll ask one of our pet travel experts to address your question in an upcoming post.

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