Dog owners rejoice! Caniner Doggie Diary by Schnap is a free app that helps you track your pooches photos and events at home and on the go. Track habits, medical, and vet information in addition to the cute pix around the house and on vacation for up to eight dogs. The best thing about this app: you do not need to be connected to the internet to browse information, post updates or even add photos. The only drawback: the app is obviously limited to canines. Can’t wait for the developer to create an app for other pets like felines, small critters…


  • Compatible with all IOS devices running iOS 4.2 and up. iOS 5 recommended.
  • Add up to eight dogs to your diary.
  • Full offline access to your diary, including the ability to add/edit events and post photos.
  • Your diary, photos and all, is automatically backed up to the cloud.
  • Easily export parts of your diary as an e-mail to share with your vet, family or friends.
  • Tag and filter your diary entries to quickly look up health-related entries, favorite moments, etc.
  • Access the same diary from multiple devices.
  • Directly add events in your diary to your iPhone calendar in one easy step.
  • Built-in photo lab with many high quality photo filters and effects.


Shelby is a grand old lady at age 12. We wish that we had the Caniner Doggie Diary app when she was adopted 11+ years ago to chronicle all of her events! For now, her mature years can be captured and the ability to access her medical and vet information, even off-line, is a spectacular feature.


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