Hiking, Music, and Southern Food!

by Pet Hotels of America

Trips with pets to Austin are super fun and easy to plan. With more than 75 pet-friendly hotels and plenty of pet-friendly attractions, this magical Southern city makes for a fun-filled escapade with your pet. The luxurious Driskill Hotel is an historical Austin landmark and is ready to pamper pets. This boutique hotel provides a pet bed complete with the Driskill Hotel logo, chewy toys, doggie treats and food bowls. It is also just minutes from the upbeat vibe of Sixth Street. The Aloft Hotel welcomes pets up to 40 pounds, and there is no pet fee. The hotel’s pet-friendly ARF program offers a cozy pet bed, bowl and a doggie bag packed with yummy treats and toys. Pet Hotels of America has listings for EVERYTHING to do in Austin.

There’s plenty to see and do in Austin, and Sixth Street is the entertainment district of the city and one of the world’s most renowned entertainment strips in the country. The tree-lined street is pleasant to walk down in the day and rocks at night. The street is lined with many historical buildings and houses a host of live entertainment venues. From jazz and blues to metal and punk, there’s a genre to suit everyone’s musical taste and just about every other establishment on the street rings with top-quality music. The street also has plenty of art galleries, upscale restaurants, casual cafes, and tattoo parlors. That awesome Southern food is everywhere in Austin, and Sixth Street is loaded with restaurants rich with such culinary delights as chili, ribs, and Cajun. The warm Southern air lets you sink into a relaxed state of mind and delicious food is the best … just another thing that makes trips with pets to Austin a great experience.

One of our favorites on Sixth Street is the Boat House Grill. It’s a great place to relax and grab a bite of Texan cuisine after a day at Lake Travis. The outdoor enclosed patio provides a place for pets and pet owners to share a Frito pie and a tasty plate of fried green tomatoes. Red’s Porch serves up the best Texan chicken tortilla soup, and pets are allowed on the first floor of the restaurant.

Sixth Street is Austin’s entertainment showcase. Throughout the year, Sixth Street sponsors fun events like the Austin Mardi Gras celebration, the Texas Bikers Rally, the Pecan Street Festival, and a legendary Halloween celebration.

To discover the city of Austin, there are pet-friendly tours, and pets are welcome. The Laguna Gloria Museum has outdoor tours that include walks through the clover fields and sculptured gardens. There is also a lake for swimming and extensive trails for hiking for pets. The city also has guided tours for leashed pets to the Capital Grounds, Bremond Block and Sixth Street. Pets can even take a horse-carriage ride through downtown Austin with the Austin Carriage Service.

Red Bud Isle and Lady Bird Lake are two pet-friendly parks in Austin. Red Bud Isle is surrounded by water on three sides, and pets can swim and frolic in the cool waters. Lady Bird Lake has multiple walking and hiking trails, and leashed pets are welcome.

If this is your first time traveling with a dog, read this blog for travel tips.

In such a pet-friendly city, trips with pets to Austin are packed with adventure. Make sure to pick up your “Keep Austin Weird” tee shirt as a reminder of how much fun you and your pet had.


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All photos courtesy of Pet Hotels of America.


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