While traveling, Tearless Tender Touches Natural Wipes from Prince Lorenzo Borghese’s Royal Treatment Italian Pet Spa are a quick and convenient way to freshen and soothe your furry pet.

The wipes, available in Lavender and Cashmere, Coconut and Vanilla, and Papaya and Aloe varieites, are enriched with naturally hydrating properties selected by their laboratory to pamper your pet’s skin and coat.

Each container holds 40 wipes and is too bulky for travel. So before every trip, we place a couple of these wipes in a sealable plastic bag and then toss the pouch of scented goodness into the pet bag ready for a mid-trip pet cleanse and refresh.

$16.95 at the Royal Pet Club web site.


Playtime or a soothing rubdown for Shelby? All activity screeches to a halt and Shelby comes running when she spots the Tearless Tender Touches Natural Wipes.