This week we will talk about the reality of restraint harnesses

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 The good news: More than 50% of us drive with our dog at least once a month. Many people consider pets to be part of the family and include them when going on errands or road trips.

The not so good news: Only 16% of us use some form of pet restraint when driving with pets, despite 83% of us agreeing that an unrestrained pet in a vehicle can be dangerous.

The Frightening truth

  • Pets can become a distraction and all distractions can endanger driver, passenger (pet and human), and bystander safety.
  • In an emergency situation, unrestrained pets can escape and become injured or cause a secondary accident.
  • Unrestrained pets can delay emergency responders from gaining  access to injured human passengers after an accident.
  • Pets can become projectiles, potentially injuring themselves or human passengers. An unrestrained 80lb dog traveling in a vehicle at 30mph can yield over a ton of force (2400lbs) in a sudden stop or collision!




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